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good morning, america. this morning, last stand. this is it. what could be the final day on trial for casey anthony. both sides are set to present their closing arguments today. the jury just hours from getting the case and her life hangs in the balance. >> holiday scorcher. record temperatures burning up parts of the country this weekend. phoenix hits a five-year high. authorities warning residents, the heat is dangerous as sweltering souls do anything to cool off. when will it break? willlliaiam d te go cooking in canada and monaco, a star-studded wedding as prince albert marries his princess. we have the details on the drama, the a-list guest and what about that beautiful dress with 40,000 swarovski crystals. and independence day.
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get ready for fireworks, music and good old american barbecue. your fourth of july weekend kicks into gear right now. >> announcer: from abc news, live from new york, this is "good morning america," with bianna golodryga and dan harris. and good morning, america. dan hare sis on assignment. we're happy to have dan abrams in the house for him. happy almost fourth of july, dan. >> thank you. i love fourth of july. it's got a lot of history and a lot of fun. we have a lot of people celebrating outside. july 4th is one big party. >> it has special meaning in my family. i became a u.s. citizen 25 years
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ago on the fourth of july. >> and it's hot out there. take a look at the deep red. we're seeing blazing temperatures. it's going to continue on the fourth. more coming up in the show. >> and officials are rush to clean up a pipeline leak in the yellow river. and monkey new, on t t loose, and going o o an adventue across new jersey. he's fine, he's just tranquil liezed. that's coming up as well. we begin with the casey anthony trial. her fate could be in the hands of the jury later today. abc's yunji de nies where the closing arguments taking place
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this morning. good morning, yunji. wrt good morning, dan. it call comes down to this. each side has a chance to make their final arguments before jurors decide between life and death for this young woman. this is it after six long weeks, today is the today the lawyers present final arguments to the jury, arguments that determine casey anthony's future. >> jurors will probably find her responsible for the death of her daughter. but the question is, what do you call it? >> reporter: en if jurors don't believe casey's defense, the juprosecution hones in on casey's behavior. her lies and argue casey killed her daughter in cold blood. >> no one but casey anthony had access to all of the pieces of evidence. no one else benefitted from the death of caylee marie anthony. >> today the defense focusesesn lack of physical evidence arguing there's nothing to tie casey to caylee's death.
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>> there has yet to be any evidence in this case, as to how this child died. >> reporter: from day one, casey anthony's defense team said little caylee's death was accident that spiralled out of control. they explained casey's partying and endless lies after the days after her daughter's disappearance was this shocking allegation. >> casey was raised to lie. it all began when she was 8 years old and her father began to touch her inappropriately. >> no witnesses substantiate thad claim. >> i never could wo do anything like that to my daughter. >> reporter: the defense said they would show george anthony discovered the dead caylee in the pool, dumped her body in the woods and casey's only crime was her silence. >> casey should have called 911. she should have done the right thing and that's what she is
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guilty of. >> reporter: each side has a half day to close arguments. then it goes to the jury. no word how long they'll deliberate. as you know, dan, in the o.j. simpson case they only took four hours to deliberate, so there is really no formula. >> there's no way to know how long the jury will predict, although i may venture a guess later in the show. >> sometimes they become pro forma, there's questions about pre medication, possibility of death and manslaughter. i think it becomes important. >> also we want to talk about the weather. brutal heat, across the country. it's not letting up any time soon. abc's jackie meretsky is here with more and it's hot across parts of the country out there. >> hot, hot, hot. ten states hit triple digits. it's the combination of the heat as well as upper level disturbances creating g zardous
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conditions in many parts of the nation. extreme heat and dangerously high temperatures have smothered much of the nation this holiday weekend forcing many americans to do anything they can to escape the searing hot weather. >> it's like an often out here. >> reporter: in las vegas where temperatures hit 111 degrees, cooling stations were open to provide much needed relief. at this festival outside of chicago, 94 degrees felt like 102. some festival goers had to be treated for heat-related conditions. >> they're not used to this humidity. but we're taking care of them. they're fine right now. >> reporter: triple digit temperatures in southern california sent thousands of holiday revellers near the beach. >> it must be 100 today. we figure we'll get away from the heat and come down. >> reporter: phoenix, 118 degrees, a record high. and neighboring new mexico, where firefighters are battling blaze near the los alamos
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nuclear lab, the governor is urging residents to avoid using fireworks in the hot conditions. >> fleece do not purchase, sell or use fireworks. >> reporter: in the midwest, when hot air slammed into a cold front, there were fierce thunderstorms friday night, killing one 11-year-old girl in wisconsin sending 37 people to the hospital. high winds snapped trees like twigs in a girl's camp in minnesota. in the mountains, a sight never seen, snow and lots of it in july. the remnants of a very snowy winter. in lake tahoe, ski slopes are still open. >> fourth of july, here we are on skis. terms of numbers.ook at heat in we've got a very strong high pressure system in california. inland portions of the bay area in a heat advisory. 99 in san jose. as we travel across the central and eastern parts of the nation. heat really holding strong. 101 in dallas, 90 in washington, d.c. and in your home town,
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houston will be close to 100 degrees. back to you. >> it is a scorcher there. yet it's still strange to see people skiing in this weather. all right, jackie, thank you. congress will be back in session after canceling a planned week-long vacation. the reason? fast approaching deadline to raise the debt limit. neither side is bulging, but consequences could be huge if a resolution isn't reached. abc's david kerley is in washington. david, what can we expect to see this week? >> reporter: honestly, i don't think a lot. over the weekend we heard both sides solidify their positions. the president said we need to see balance which is revenue increase, not just spending cuts. nothing can be off limits. but the rereblicans said, listen, we're not doing new taxes, we're talking about spending cuts only. theyeye drawn the line a little deeper in the sand. >> a lot of people that i talked to here on wall street say that the only way they can get either side to move is to see the market tank. yet we've seen it at a two-year
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high. the bond market doesn't seem to be reacting at all. how is this resonating in washington? >> the t.a.r.p. debate. said we're not voting for it. and then all a sudden they voted for it and it passed. a lost people aren't too happen they actually voted for it. i think what we'll see is similar to what happened during the government deadline. the deadline looms august 2nd and there will be a deal. speaker boehner, the republican knows he's probably not going to get the tea party republicans, so he has to get democrats, which means he has to figure out a way to get revenues. he said no new taxes or increase in rates. that doesn't mean you get rid of subsidies, get him cover, get him democrats and get a deal. but we'll see whatatappens. it's all about deadline pressure. >> august 2nd deadline is looming, thank you, and happy fourth of july to you. >> and to you. sexual assault charges against one of the world's most powerful men could be dropped as soon as this week.
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allegation thags landed the former head of the imf in jail and sent shockwaves around the world are being questioned, because his accuser has serious credibility problems. abc's rob nelson has the latest from outside of the manhattan apartment where dominique strauss-kahn has been under house arrest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we heard where the accuser has major credibility issue. but a lot of people are wondering about dominique strauss-kahn, even though he maintained his innocence, legally and politically, what comes next? it was strauss-kahn's second day of relative freedom and he took advantage of it. leaving his apartment with his wife by his side for an unknown destination for much of the afteteoon. in a matter of weeks, if not days, the district attorney could drop all charges, setting him entirely free, something his lawyers pushing for, hard. >> we've maintained from the beginning that mr. strauss-kahn is innocent of these charges and
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these recent disclosures reinforce our conviction that he will be exonerated. >> reporter: the victim could still sue him for monetary damages in civil court where there would be a lower burden of proof, but a civil case would not keep him in the country. so, the big question, if and when this man who was now poised to run for president returns to his home country, will he be welcomed as a hero wronged or a scoundrel who got off easy? the french are torn. >> i think anyway, his image is -- >> reporter: from those who said he is now permanently tainted to others like this government minister who say strauss-kahn could be a potent political force. >> he could be a good candidate. he has to play a role, a great role in the future. and it's very important for france. >> reporter: and there is a sentiment, maybe with this country that has a complicated relationship with america, his
8:12 am
ordeal could strengthen his chances. >> i think they could entertain candidacy given they thought she's done such a wrong. >> reporter: and he's a member of the socialist party in france. there are reports who say the party may back up some nomination deadlines to give strauss-kahn a chance, yes, to run for president if he get this case out of the way. back you to. >> all right. ron, this case gaurnerred him a lot of sympathy back home in france as well. >> to me they're talking about the possibility he could be running for president, considering where we were five weeks ago. ron claiborne, good morning. >> good morning to you, dan and bianna. cleanup crews are racing to contain an oil spill on the yellowstone river before it does more damage. when a pipeline ruptured late friday, leaking hundreds of barrels of oil. hundreds of people were temporarily evacuated. and thousands of people rallied at the georgia capital protesting the new tough immigration law. they say the law creates a
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hostile environment for people of color. the government blocked parts of that law for police to check the immigration status of suspects without proper identification. and police say they've cracked a cold case 54 year after it happened. a little girl who disappeared outside of chicago. 71-year-old jack mccullough will be in court charged with kidnapping 17-year-old maria ridulph. his alibi fell apart last year. when they discovered an unused train ticket he claimed to have used when the girl was murdered. and two bodice discovered in the mountainous area of colorado, are a missing doctor and his daughter. an experienced hiker went hiking. they reported missing last wednesday. the bodies were found 500 feet on a main trail on the rocky and steep terrain. and finally the story bianna is telling you about.
8:14 am
the great adventure is over for a baboon that was on the lam in new jersey for three dace. the baboon was found on a farm and tranquilized. it became a minor celebrity. the six flags thinks it probably escaped from its drive-through safari, or could be another baboon from somewhere else. >> i've done some research. that baboon traveled 20 miles to six flags. >> if it's the six flags baboon. we do not know that. >> are you missing a baboon? >> yes, matter of fact. what a coincidence. come home. >> jackie meretsky, let's go find ron's baboon and some weather at that. >> all of the exciting news in new jersey, not new york city. all right. let's take a look. speaking of northern eastern states at what is happening. look at these storms. in washington, d.c., i bet you heard the early morning storms there. there's your live shot. temperatures in the 70 right now, but you are going to skyrocket up to 90. even though the skies are looking pretty good right now.
8:15 am
you will get another round, maybe a couple rounds of thunderstorms. that's what it will be like across the northeast all day. your water temperatures from virginia beach to miami looking good. jumping into the ocean in miami. 84 degrees will be absolutely beautiful. you certainly don't need a wet suit there. >> good morning. we have a drenching start to your day. three quarters of an inch downtown. you can see the showers moving to the eastern shore. the sun is up, but the dew points are way up. a sticky day. look for temperatures to top out at 90 degrees. afternoon showers and thunderstorms, and for the big independence day holiday, partly sunny and hot, a slight chance of a shower. temperatures about 95 degrees, but it's going to be a drier heat in a 90 degree all right. bianna, back you to. >> you hail from canada and the duke and dutchess of cambridge are there.
8:16 am
also known as will and kate. they are taking canada by storm before heading to the u.s. later in the week. huge crowds are turning out wherever they go. but who are they there to see? abc's bob woodruff is traveling with the royal couple and joins us from quebec city where they are arriving today. bob, i have a feeling they are coming to see kate. >> yes, that's true. in this beautiful, beautiful city. i don't knkn if you've been here in quebec city. it's actually more than 400 years old. one from the oldest in north america. this is city hall built 200 0 years ago. will and kate made their way up here from montreal on a navy ship up the st. lawrence river. this is the next stop on what is a very, very successful trip. it is a royal love affair. wherever william and kate go, canadians swoon. after two days of big celebratory events attended the hundreds of thousands, the royal
8:17 am
couple finally had quieter moments. planting a tree, visiting cancer patients in a hospital and even this, donning chef's jackets and getting a cooking lesson. they whipped up some canadian fare. foye grass, toasted brioche and lobster souffle. french-speaking quebec is most of canada. and protesters. but overwhelming, adoring crowd, who were they clamoring to see? >> everybody in canada is turning up not to see prince william, but to satisfy kate. >> reporter: canadians, making their preference clear, it's the budding fashion icon they've come to see. >> you're beautiful. >> that's what used to drive prince charles crazy when people wanted to see diana.
8:18 am
>> reporter: but william seems to relish the attention for his new bride, often mentioning kate in his speeches. >> i'm excited to be able to share this with catherine. >> reporter: and when william and kate met an older couple married for seven 7070 years, william asked if the happily married man had any advice? the man said, do whatever your wife tells you to do. his response -- >> very wise. >> reporter: i should tell you this is a completely french city. all the signs around here in french. here's the newspaper we saw which says le grand jour which means "the big day," which is absolutely true. >> i love bob's french accent. you have an excellent french accident. >> now to those other royal newlyweds. prince albert of monaco married charlene wittstock this weekend in an elaborate wedding, and reporting that it almost didn't happen.
8:19 am
>> yes, there were reports that she almost was a one-away bride, just days before the big event, lamb but lama hasan has the details. >> reporter: wearing an off the shoulder armani dress, she looked stunning. the palace gave them a total of 2500 hours to prepare. it's no wonder the dress had 40,000 swarovski crystals and 20,000 mother-of-pearl beads and just look at that train. it was a star-studded event. the guest list included french president nicolas sarkozy, roger moore, naomi campbell and carl lagerfeld to name a few. there was glitz, glamour and interesting hats. but it was a wedding fit for a prince and a princess. looking demure for most of the ceremony, when it came to exchanging the 18 carat whitete
8:20 am
gold cartier ring, there was a wink and a beeping smile. relief, perhaps that their marriage has finally been sealed. they took the historic journey from the palace to the chapel. last made by albert's parents, prince rainier and his wife grace kelly. before the princess laid her bouquet at the church of monaco's saint the emotions set in. but she wiped away the tears just in time for the big bash before the big ball. there was a change of outfits. she can boogie in this one. the groom made a humble speech. >> you are a wonderful, sometimes patient woman with me. >> and finally, the piece de resistance, an eye-popping fire work display, for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc new, london. >> and she looked beautiful. a three-day extravaganza there. >> coming up on "good morning
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america." dramatic finale. the all impopoant closing arguments start on the casey anthony murder trial. we go inside the courtroom. what do the jurors need to hear? plus, gourmet grilling. great food for the fourth. how to make a five-star burger on a 5 buck budget. coming up. hear ye, hear ye! this 4th of july, celebrate the red, white, and blue with ocean spray cranberry, white cranberry, and blueberry juice cocktails.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it's 8:27. in the news, there are more calls for prince georges councilwoman leslie johnson to resign. last week she pleaded guilty to conspiracy and evidence tampering charges. the charges are in connection
8:28 am
with a corruption investigation also involving her husband. four council members and the county's executive say she should leave office. now to dave for a look at the forecast. >> good morning. it was a bumpy start to the morning. most thunderstorms are off to the eastern shore, temperatures in the low 70s. the sun is back out but this afternoon we could see a repeat performance of thunderstorms possible. top temperature today about 90 degrees. tomorrow for the big independence day, partly sunny and hot, but maybe a little less humid. temperatures in the lower 90s. >> thanks, dave. and we'll be back here at 8:56. now back to gma.
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get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. ♪ crowds are out in full force, ahead of the july 4th celebration and festivities, a lot of fireworks, a lot of barbecuing. i'm learning this is dan abrams favorite holiday of the year. why aren't you out there celebrating? >> because i wasn't able to get one of those hats. i didn't feel that i would fit in. >> you would look good in a hat. dan harris is on assignment. dan abrams is sitting here next to me. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> it is sunday, july 3rd, we'll be out cooking in honor of july 4th weekend. with all of those good folks out there, the world-renowned chef behind the burger bar
8:31 am
restaurant, shows us how t t mae a five-star burger on a budget. this guy knows what he's talking about. >> plus, pandamonium. wait until you see what's happening next. it's one of the stories we're fixated on coming up. >> but we'll start with the beginning of the end in the casey anthony murder trial. both sides make closing arguments today and the jury could begin deliberating by tonight. abc's yunji de nies is following the story from orlando and joins us again. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this jury sat in the courtroom for over a month. they've heard from dozens of witnesses, seeing hundreds of pieces of evidence, and today they'll hear the final closing arguments. defense said she's not a killer but the prosecution said there's no physical evidence to prove she murdered kylee. prosecutors show her partying and say she is the only one with the means and motive to commit the crime. prosecution will each take half a day for the closing arguments
8:32 am
then it goes to the jury. dan. >> all right, thanks very much, yunji, appreciate it. joining us is my old pal, vinnie politan. host of hln's "special port" and "in ssion" on true tv. also a former prosecutor. vinnie, good to see you. surprises in the opening statements, expecting surprises in the closing? >> surprises is putting it mildly. my goodness. jose biaz put the burden on himself in his opening statement. he told the jury he knew exactly how all of this happened. yet, as we sat her for a month, dan, i didn't hear the evidence. the evidence of the drowning, evidence of the sexual abuse at the hands of her father. i think the anticipation, what is jose biaz going to do here in. >> let me follow up on that. does he now shift the focus of closing argument say, you know what, all of those things hasn't worked out so well for me.
8:33 am
instead, maybe what i'll do is do what every other legal analyst is suggesting that is focus on whether this could have simply been an accident versus a murder. cause of death. >> now, dan, do you want -- do you think you should shift focus or shift gears here, what do you think? >> a little inside joke. this is what i think you have to do. >> nancy grace inside jobs there, yes. >> i know. this is what he needs to do. go find tommy lee jones and will smith and get that machine that erases everybody's memory. he laid out expectation, dan. he told them how it happened. and this jury knows where he got the information, from casey anthony, sitting next to him at the trial. the same casey anthony who decided not to testify. you can't lay it out and say this is how it happened and provide no truth of it.
8:34 am
>> i think he has to basically avoid it in closing g gumeme. vinnie, one of the reasons i like you, do you what people say you shouldn't do. everyone said, don't predict when a jury is going to come back, because you'll always be wrong. yet i see on twitter, you already predict how long you think the jury is going to deliberate. >> yeah, it's 13 hours and 31 minutes, dan. >> that's good. see. i love that. >> it's that easy. i think it's a couple days. >> all right. here's the thing, dan. you know, you've covered trials all over this country.y. florida and texas are two states where the deliberations go faster than you expect. if you took this trial, put it in massachusetts, they can be out for two weeks. i think dunn here in florida, they are sequestered. they move faster, they miss their families and getting ready for dan abrams favorite holiday. the july 4th weekend. i think they'll be out here quick. >> in honor of vinnie, i'm going
8:35 am
ke a prediction, i'm going to say wednesday morning. we have no way to know that or reason to know that. i think based on the evidence that's there, they will take a couple dace. in high-profile cases jurors tend to take a little longer. >> vinnie, appreciate it. thanks. >> ron claiborne. >> happy third of july. >> thank you, thank you. >> bianna. >> how are you? >> in the news, some residents of minot, north dakota are returning to their homes after the flooding forced them to flee. people are now being allowed back in. more than 4,000 homes damaged by floodwaters. another republican jumping into the race for the party's nom dags for president. michigan congressman thaddeus cotter is joining the crowded gop field. and landing in japan, the lighter more fuel-efficient plane will undergo testing. the first commercial flight expected this year. finally arks surprise winner
8:36 am
at wimbledon, eighth seeded petra kvitova won the first grand slam title. knocking off maria sharapova. and the men's final between rafael nadal and novak djokovic is today and nadal will win that. time for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> thanks, ron. happy third of july. can you imagine beingng without power when it's 118 degrees? 4,000 residents of phoenix, arizona, that's what they had to burst hit phoenix, arizona.own a down burrst is a down draft that flows rapidly from a thunderstorm. speaking of thunderstorms, take a look at all of this active weather we have for r day. thunderstorms in the northeast along the i-95 corridor and very warm weather in the south. dallas 101, phoenix, 110 degree, believe it or not that's a bit of a cooldown. we'll see a lot of active
8:37 am
>> good morning. the thunderstorms are othe forever the moment. afternoon storms could be a very big possibility. for tomorrow, look for sunshine but maybe a bit less humidity. all right. this weather report has been brought to you by schmuckers jam. bianna and dan, a couple of patriotic cities. do you think in celebrations, florida they hear the kool and the gang song? >> maybe. >> coming up. just in time fort fourth, how to build a perfect burger on a budget. the chef behind burger bar shows us. >> and riding a rocket. a whole new perspective on fire works, just in time for the fourth. richard: so delicious, so delicious! i've never tasted anything so delicious. richard, why are you wearing grandpa's jacket? i'm not richard. i'm grandpa smucker. male announcer: tim and richard smucker
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♪ tomorrow is the fourth of july, and it's the holiday where everyone goes out to the backyard. puts some burgers on the grill. there's nothing more american than a big burger and here to cook some burgers for us,
8:41 am
renowned chef, hubert keller. thanks for being here. >> i am happy to be here. >> you've got a big-time burger. >> i think summer, fourth of july, beer, burgers and friends. since i'm in the burger business, i thought i would come out with an ultimate burger. i put an ultimate burger together here. which is based on the ingredients to make the beer. so i have like a beer bun, i have a black angus, and the flat iron steak which is grazed in beer for five hour, very slowly and reducing the beer down, then i made a shallow jam which is also cooked with beer, a little vinegar inside, i made my own mustard. it's like the ultimate burger when you put all of the flavors together. >> that's a little intimidating to make. let's talk about the knockout burger. >> you put sauce over it, so it soaks up into the bun. the knockout burger is simpler,
8:42 am
what i do, i have spinach and olive oil. >> how different are the ingredients, people will look at that and say wow, this looks so decadent. is this significantly different? >> i'm substituting some other elements with spanish. >> and different types of beef you're using. >> and here i'm using a combination of black angus and kobe flat iron steak. so here we keep it simplier to the black an gus. you can easily do it at home, if you get -- >> multi task. >> absolutely. the idea, really, we cooking the spinach, very quickly, once we have the spinach over here, so just very quickly saute that. we put salt and pepper over it. >> you don't want it too wilted. >> not too wilted. >> why the bleu cheese? >> i just love bleu cheese with the burger. >> why? >> why? i think maybe we are french. we actually put roquefort cheese
8:43 am
on our steaks. >> you have to somehow make it french. >> yeah. >> we work together. not because it's french. >> so, the next step now, we have spinach, actually take the burger, i season the burger with salt and pepper, which is really, really important. i think the trick of the burger is seasoning the burger last minute, just before you put them on the grill. >> and quickly, what do you recommend? well done, medium? >> i like medium rare. we put it on the grill and put the bleu cheese down, and the lettuce down first. again when it comes another trick, is really when we have tendency of putting a press on the burger. >> here's the advantage we have. we get our own version of it. we get to go to break and we get to eat them during the commercial break. >> you can compare. one with the brazed short rib
8:44 am
that took eight hour, and the other one. >> i bet they're both fantastic. any of the recipe, you can go online to we're going to dig in now. coming up on "good morning america," from barbecues to fire works, more fourth of july fun. we'll show you what it's like from the fireworks "point of view. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and less pain means, i can feel betetr and do momoref what matters. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
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♪ well, it's time for our weekly segment, "fixation" where we share the stories, music and videos that captured our attention this week.
8:48 am
ron, you're starting us off. >> i'll kick it off with a video i've within watchchg day and night. this is a little kid listening to a song by pantera, banging his head there. grooving bigtime. over and over. his name is jonah, his mother shot this. and he's having a great old time. >> my niece sometimes dances. not quite like that. and not to heavy metal. >> look at him. go, jonah, go! >> maybe he's reacting to some of the letters jackie is about to tell us. >> thanks for the segway. from rock 'n' roll to mother-in-laws. we have mother-in-laws and we
8:49 am
love them, literally. my fixation is when a future mother-in-law wrote to a daughter-in-law after a visit to the home. it's so nasty. it's gone viral. now it's exploded.. let's read a couple of quote, here is one. it's high time somomne explained to you about good manners. yours are obvious by their absence, and i feel sorry for you. >> wow. actually my favorite, you regularly draw attention to yourself. perhaps you should ask yourself why. >> does the husband get involveed? does he step in and get involveed? >> i don't know where he is. >> and online group is actually urging people to boycott the mother-in-law's floral shop.
8:50 am
>> let the record show that my mother-in-law only exchanged love letters. >> kathy, my mother-in-law, you're not so bad at all. >> dan. >> ever wonder what it's like to be a fire work? >> never have. >> i never thought about it before. but then i saw this video, and i thought, that is fascinating. they literally put a camera on the fireworks, so you can see the firework's perspective. >> who is "they." >> them. >> i know they're men, not women, right? >> i find this to be fascinating. do you not? >> ron likes to watch babies go bouncing off their heads and i watch h fireworks. >> i watch pandas. i do. pandas in china. take a look at this video i've been watching. this is a panda, adorable panda
8:51 am
with his trainer over there. rolling over, showing some tricks to distract him. because his buddy, panda, in the back, there you see highlighted is about to make a run for t. take a look at this. he's sneaking out the lab -- as soon as the first panda -- take a look at this, take a look at this. you see the other one just start running, to catch up with his buddy. he's out of there. >> a full-on escape from -- >> i hear they're making a movie about this. >> panda break. >> animated movie. >> we have a little bit of everything. >> we did, mother-in-law, firework, babies, pandas. >> i was trying to think of a "kung fu panda" joke but it didn't come to me fast enough. >> we have time. >> if there's a story, video or picture you can't get enough of, let us know. you may see it on a future video
8:52 am
broadcast. at or tweet us at abc. did you think of anything yet? >> no. ol teacher. lights, camera, activia it's he best job in the world. my students are amazing. but to be there for them, you'e gotta feel your best. kids can tell. that's why i ove eatingract. so delicious activia light helps me feel good inside. which helps me be my best... positive, cheerful and on top of things. help regulate your digestive system. love how you feel r your money back. ♪ activia they're itchy, dry and uncomfortable. i can't wait to take 'em out, throw 'em away and never see them again. [ male announcer ] know the feeling? get the contacts you've got to see to believe. acuvue® oasys brand contact lenses with hydraclear® plus technology, keeping your eyes exceptionally comfortable all day long. it feels like it disappeared on my eye.
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and before we go, we want to
8:56 am
welcome a new member of the "gma" family. our producer, bethany owens' daughter, baby ava. congratulations to the family. she's adorable. >> welcome to the world. thank you for watching abc news. we'll have more later with "this week" with christiane amanpour and "world news" with david muir tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. what people don't know is what a fun guy ron claiborne is. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. it's 8:56. in the news, there are more calls for prince georges councilwoman leslie johnson to resign. last week she pleaded guilty to conspiracy and evidence tampering charges. the charges are in connection with a corruption investigation also involving her husband. four council members and the
8:57 am
county's executive say she should leave office. police in prince georges county are investigating a deadly crash. officers say a car hit a man on richie road near central nav avenue in kent before midnight. the driver stayed on the scene. one woman is dead and her mother is in the hospital after a fire at an ebl edgewater house yesterday. the women were trapped inside the home. the cause of the investigation is still undetermined. now over to dave with a look at our forecast. >> good morning. it looks like a preview of the fireworks. the skies lit up, torrential rain, almost an inch of rain falling in downtown washington. temperature 72 degrees and the humidity is increasing out there. where is that rain right now? most of it is now well off the eastern shore. don't get complacent. we could have a repeat performance this afternoon as we have very unstable air and the cold front approaches. the dew points yesterday afternoon, it was hard to break
8:58 am
a sweat. they're around 70 today, so it's sticky out there. it's going to stay that way throughout the day. high temperature today around 90 degrees, so hot and humid. heat indices in the mid 90s. for tomorrow, though, for independence day, a very slight chance of a thunderstorm. for the immediate washington area, drier air than we have today. high temperatures tomorrow in the low 90s. >> thanks, dave. thank you for watching.
8:59 am
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